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Professional 1000 Watt Power Inverter

The DeWalt DXAEPI1000 Professional 1,000 Watt Power Inverter delivers ample heavy-duty power to operate tools and portable electronics on the job site or while on the move. It stands out as one of the most versatile inverters available today, directly connecting to your vehicle’s battery to provide full power to multiple devices via its (3) USB ports and (2) 120-volt AC outlets. Equipped with an LCD screen, it allows you to monitor your battery's real-time status, including power consumption, battery levels, and any potential faults. The package includes battery connectors and mounting hardware for easy setup.

  • 1000 watts of continuous AC power, perfect for tailgates or job sites, providing enough power for drills, work lights, and more

  • 1000-watt car power inverter delivers serious power you can transport using dual 120-volt AC outlets and three 3.1 Amp USB charging ports 

  • Features an LCD screen that displays real-time information on power consumption, battery status, and any potential faults

  • Slim aluminum housing and integrated grommets for easy mounting and installation

  • Battery connectors and mounting hardware included; 12V DC accessory adapter not included

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