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Professional Rolling 40 Amp Battery Charger, 3 Amp Maintainer with 200 Amp
Engine Start


Roll it where you need it. The DEWALT DXAEC200 Battery Charger and Battery Maintainer is the high efficiency automatic solution for cars, trucks, SUVs, marine vehicles and RVs. It provides a powerful 200 amp engine start, 40 Amp of charging and 3 amp maintainer. Compatible with standard 12 volt AGM batteries. Built-in circuit protection guards against overcharging, reverse polarity or short circuit. The alternator check tests the vehicle's alternator to indicate if it is operating properly. Electric pulse technology can help reverse sulfate build up on battery plates to improve charge capacity and extend battery life.


  • VERSATILE BATTERY CHARGER and MAINTAINER - Battery Charger and Maintainer features 200 Amp engine start, 40 amps of charging and 3 amp maintainer

  • ALTERNATOR CHECK - Tests the vehicle's alternator to indicate if it is operating properly

  • Battery reconditioner determines viability of battery to accept a charge. If battery is not in optimal condition it automatically switches the battery reconditioner function on to reverse sulfate build-up on battery plates to improve charging carrying capability and extend battery life.

  • PORTABLE - Lightweight rolling design with telescoping handle and ergonomic grip

  • SIMPLE OPERATION - Easy to read LCD screen gives you a clear view of operation information and includes a countdown charging timer

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