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1600 Peak Amp Lithium Jump Starter with USB Power Bank


The DEWALT 1600 Peak Amp Lithium Jump Starter, DXAELJ16 is a portable jump starter and USB power bank in a small take-along size. 1600 peak amps of starting power jump starts cars and trucks up to 8-cylinders. Powder-coated metal clamps are included. The reverse polarity protection assures that jumper cables are connected correctly. The mini powerpack features both 15W USB Type -C and 15W USB Type-A charging ports and a fully charged battery can charge up a tablet,19 AirPods, 2 smart phones, 25 smart watches, 6 cameras, etc. (Based on internal testing and may vary depending on multiple factors such as storage conditions and frequency of use.) The bright LED light helps with repairs after dark. 



  • 1600 peak amps of starting power jump starts cars and trucks up to 8-cylinders

  • Charge and power your tablets, phones, gaming devices and more on the go

  • Includes AC, DC and USB adapters to help you recharge the lithium battery, also includes a carry bag

  • Reverse polarity protection to assure that jumper cables are connected correctly

  • Compact sized, this jump starter is easily stored for power when you need it

  • Bright LED work light helps with roadside repairs after dark

  • Rechargeable lithium battery charges up in as little as 5 hours and keeps a charge up to 6 months

  • Always connect the 120V AC/USB Charging Adapter to the 120 Volt AC power source (using the USB Charging Cable) BEFORE connecting it to the unit.

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