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2500 Peak Amp Lithium Jump Starter with USB Power Bank


The DXAELJ25 is a portable and powerful jump starter and USB power bank in a small take-along size. 2500 peak amps of starting power jump starts cars and trucks up to 8-cylinders. Powder-coated metal clamps are included. The reverse polarity protection assures that jumper cables are connected correctly. The powerpack features 60W PD In/Out USB Type C, 25W USB Type C-PD and 15W USB Type-A ports.The bright 400 lumen LED worklight helps with repairs after dark. ​


  • 2500 AMP JUMP STARTER - 2500 Peak Battery Amps to start most cars or trucks up to 8 cylinders without the need for another vehicle. Works with 12 Volt AGM, Gel and Wet cell batteries

  • Features reverse polarity protection and spark-free technology for safe operation

  • USB CHARGING - 60W USB Type C-PD (In/Out power), 25W USB Type C-PD and 15W USB Type - A to power and recharge phones, tablets, speakers and most USB electronic devices

  • EASY RECHARGING- Includes 30W USB-C AC Adapter / 30W USB-C DC Adapter as well as AC and DC adapters

  • COMPACT SIZED - This jump starter and charger is easily stored for power when you need it

  • BRIGHT LED WORK LIGHT - 400 lumen LED worklight helps with roadside repairs after dark

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